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The Pixel Trade

Ever wanted to travel the world? Unfortunately not everyone can afford to go gallivanting off on the holiday of a life time but Australian photographer, Shantanu Starick, has come up with an ingenious way to do just that without having to spend a single penny!

 ‘The Pixel Trade,’ is quite possibly one of the most brilliant ideas for a photo project we’ve ever come across. Starting with a couple of business owners in Australia, he offers his time as a professional photographer in exchange for food, shelter and transport before moving on to another trader.

 “I start with one couple, I take photographs for any project they have, as I would a client: Portraits, products, music, architecture, weddings, fashion, anything.
The edited photographs are my part of the trade. In order for my journey to continue I ask to be introduced to a new trader during my stay. A friend, an associate, anyone that would benefit from having professional photographs taken. The pixel trade will continue, leading from one place to the next.”

Starick’s journey has so far seen him travel across Australia, New Zealand and even into the United States. You can follow his journey via the project’s beautifully made website where Starick documents each trade by posting a collection of photos alongside information including the trade number, name and occupation of the client, a few words about the trader’s brief, the duration of the stay and even a song recommendation from each person he trades with!







Tag along on Starick’s visual journey and see where his pixels take him next!


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