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Layla Subritzky Fashion Photography

Huge congratulations to Layla Subritzky, runner up of Australian Big Brother 2012 and one of the lovely ladies who regularly modelled for us back when we were first starting our voyage into fashion photography! Our head photographer, Aimee Spinks, recently posted a blog entry with some of the original images from a test shoot she did many years ago with Layla. If you want to check out those, head on over to her blog now!

If, however, you have come from there, you may be looking for the final photos from this particular shoot which we have decided to share with you here!

The shoot was from a fashion brief looking into the hide and reveal nature of lace fabric. Taking inspriation from Guy Bourdin, we wanted to create a series of images that reflected this element of tease.

All photography copyright of Aimee Spinks.

Models: Layla Subritzky, Stephanie Edwards and Aimee Spinks.






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