Hasselblad Studio Day

Hasselblad Studio Day

Yesterday, our partners at the White Room Studio were visited by Hasselblad, Profoto and the lovely model, Katie Green. It was an open studio day allowing anyone the opportunity to play around with the Hasselblad H4D and the newly released H5D with an impressive set up of Profoto lighting. Katie was on hand to provide everyone with some beautiful subject matter whilst photo pros tested out the kit.

Thankfully we got chance to play around ourselves and were ridiculously impressed with the clarity of images from the lenses and camera bodies – until this point we had only experienced medium format on film and the largest digital files we had seen were Nikon’s D800 camera, released earlier this year. The detail in some of the shots was phenomenal! You could see right down to the pores and even individual hairs were pin-sharp! On top of this, the bokeh we saw using one of Hasselblad’s macro lenses was absolutely beautiful. Of course with RAW file sizes at 60MB, you’re going to need a lot of memory if you’re doing a day’s shoot on one of these bad boys.



With prices starting at around £13,000 for the 40MP body and scaling right up to around the £30,000 mark for the 60MP body, it will sadly be a very long time until we have one in permanent residency in the studio however we look forward to our next shoot with the budget to rent one!

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