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Cinematic Fashion Photography

Since we’ve recently posted blogs about both Big Brother Australia’s, Layla Subritzky, and Daniel Craig’s Skyfall stunt double, Andy Lister, we thought it only fitting that we give you a few photos from a test shoot they did together for us a few years ago.

Never before released, this shoot acted as a test shoot in anticipation of the cinematic fashion project that we had planned with the amazing, Zara Phythian; 13 times world champion in various martial arts and an action actress who has appeared in many films and TV shows. Our make-up artist for the day was the absolutely fabulous, Bethany Davies (cannot recommend this lady enough!) and our stand in for Ms Phythian was of course the lovely, Layla! Andy, who had worked with Zara before on a few films, very kindly offered to be our male model for both the full shoot with Zara as well as the test shoot with Layla and was an absolute star to work with. Even after an extremely long day of shooting and next to zero sleep, Andy remained smiley and enthusiastic and really helped keep the energy up! Mixed with Layla’s bubbly personality and Bethany’s amazing make-up artistry and a muck-in approach, the day went extremely well and we were extremely happy with the results!

Below are a few never before seen shots from the shoot with Layla and Andy, followed by a few shots from the full project with Zara and Andy:





Zara Phythian and Andy Lister

I decided to keep the colour grading more neutral on this series and like both approaches. This series was a little more abstract and we shot mainly using snoots rather than the softboxes and umbrellas we shot with on the test shoot. With the walls all being cream and with almost every bit of furniture mirrored, we needed to really control the lighting to help keep a dark, high contrast image. This was the main thing we struggled with during the test shoot and thankfully we were able to come to the full shoot prepared!

Zara and Andy worked extremely well together and despite it being a long two days of shooting without much sleep in between, everyone kept working positively with both Zara and Andy looking stunning throughout the series of images. A big thanks to Zara’s partner Vic, and her student, Raven who helped out throughout the shoot – it’s always a pleasure to work with everyone at the PBA!






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