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Actors Headshot Photography – What to Expect

So you’ve booked your first actors headshot photography session! Congratulations! This blog post is here to help you know how to prepare in order to make the most out of your session as well as some words of wisdom and advice about the process!

Firstly, you need to know what you want your headshot to achieve and how you want it to represent you to the rest of the acting world. Do you want to be perceived as fresh faced, clean cut and full of energy or are you a more edgy, complex actor looking for perhaps a darker role? Maybe you haven’t quite found your niche yet and need a headshot that catches the attention of the casting director yet still shows you can be malleable and versatile in the roles you adopt. The latter is most often the case however we will endeavour to provide you with an actor’s headshot that enables you to showcase as much of your talent as possible and we will tailor each shoot to each individual actor. When you come to your headshot session, have a clear idea what you want to achieve and we will


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What to Bring?

We can shoot with an array of different lighting set-ups and some work better with some clothing choices over others. We always recommend bringing a plain white and a plain black T-Shirt with a mix of neck cuts such as crew and V-necks. It is important that the casting director isn’t distracted by your clothing so having a plain, collarless T-shirt allows all the focus to be turned on you. Another effective way to stand out is by bringing a plain T-shirt which matches your eye colour as this will make them stand out even more.

We also recommend bringing a couple of full outfits that show a bit more of your unique personality and style so that we can capture some wider portraits that can still be used as shots within your actors’ portfolio.

Don’t forget to have everything freshly ironed – no one wants creases in their headshots!




On the Day!

So you’ve brought your outfits and have told us what you want to achieve with your new actors’ headshots. Fantastic! We will help to ease you into the session by taking a few ‘warm up’ shots to get you relaxed and feeling comfortable in front of the camera. Once you’re in the zone we will provide an array of different lighting set-ups that complement the look you want to achieve whilst giving you a variety of portraiture styles to choose from. We’ll work with you to capture a headshot that conveys your individual personality as well as provide direction to help you experiment with showcasing your ability to morph into different characters if you are looking for more character orientated portraits.


At the End of the Shoot!

Once your shoot has finished, you will get to have a look at all the images taken and decide which headshots you would like as part of your booking. These images will be retouched to exceptional standards however we ensure that all image retouching looks natural so that you don’t become a ‘plastic headshot.’





Now What?

Once you’ve decided on your images we will retouch them and send them out to you either on a CD or via digital download link depending upon your preference. Turnaround of images is normally within 3-5 working days however an express service is available upon request. You will receive your chosen headshot photos in colour as well as black and white so you have more choice when forwarding them onto casting directors and agents.

We will also email you a contact sheet of thumbnails should you wish to purchase any additional images in the future or get advice and opinions from your agent, friends or family. Images are available both as prints as well as digital downloads. If you wish to have any additional images retouched, just contact us with the image number and we will process your request as soon as possible.



Enjoy your new actors headshots and get your next big role!


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